Price of Service

Mobile Notary of San Antonio “Do Not” Charge mileage fee’s in our cost of service as you will find with most mobile Notary’s, Mobile Notary of San Antonio is based in San Antonio, TX and will not be traveling from another city into San Antonio then charge you for them (the notary) being in another city and having to come to you in San Antonio. We eliminate the over charge game and publish or Travel fee covering the entire city of San Antonio inside LOOP 1604 as a flat Travel fee of $35 for home and business appointments only during normal business hours of 8:00Am to 6:00Pm Monday thru Friday. Please call us for Hospital, Adult Nursing Centers, Airport and any-other location that has paid parking involved including After hour/Weekend & Holiday Travel Fee: Call (210) 569-1140Notary Public Service-Fees

Are you a Title Company in need of experienced Notary Closing/ Singing Agent? That’s US, our fees for a 2 person full closing is: $100.00, Included Is: Drop off to FEDEX or UPS with your shipping label.


$20.00 Print Fee (up to 150 pages), $0.50/page for Fax Back of needed pages.